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BMW & Mercedes Benz DPF Cleaning

The BMW and Mercedes Benz clogged DPF is a very common issue due to its small size. When this problem occurs, the dealerships and many independent shops resort to cleaning the DPF using pressurized liquid cleaning solutions pushed through the DPF differential pressure ports. We have found this method not only to be a waste of time and money but very ineffective as well. This is because using liquid cleaners does not clean the ash out. 

Here at DPS Automotive, every clogged DPF goes through a Stage 3 professional clean. What is a Stage 3 clean? It consists of the following:


  • Light & Pin Depth Test to ensure there are no cracks or melts in the substrate

  • Pre-Clean Flow test to capture initial restriction measurements

  • Weigh in - to capture initial weight of the DPF prior to clean

  • Pneumatic cleaning using state of the art dual force technology performed manually to ensure maximum efficiency cleaning

  • Thermal DPF Cleaning using state of the art regeneration ovens

  • Post Clean Flow test 

  • Post Clean Weigh in to capture amount of soot and ash removed

Many DPF systems like the ones on BMW and Mercedes Benz, cutting and welding of the DPF is required for proper inspection and cleaning. This is all done in-house by our highly trained technicians.

If you get a DPF light on or have complete loss of power due to a clogged DPF, please do not hesitate to    contact us!                        


Please note that we also carry gaskets & clamps for nearly ALL DPF systems in the market today to minimize downtime of your vehicle or fleet.




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